Types of Wild Birds in Michigan

Man watching birds

One of the most relaxing, educational, and fun activities to do when the weather gets nice is bird watching. It’s great because the whole family can enjoy it, especially in a state like Michigan, where there are lots of different species to look for, it’s fun all day! While there are lots of places in … Read more

Participating in Activities You Enjoy

  As we age, our bodies change and so do our interests. Keeping yourself healthy and helping your body age into new years can be a conscious effort, but thankfully there are lots of ways to do so. Things like eating healthy, exercising regularly, and not smoking are a few very key factors in the … Read more

Gardening Tips for Spring 2021

  Spring is here and summer isn’t too far behind, which means it’s time to give some love to those gardens. Through the colder months, our gardens go through a lot, but giving them some extra love and planting new life will make them look good as new. Gardening is a great, low-intensity way to … Read more

Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day

Setting aside one whole day to celebrate our moms just doesn’t seem like enough does it? Mothers and mother figures are so important in making the world go round, and sometimes finding the right gift for them can be hard. In general, giving mom a little peace and quiet maybe just be enough, but in … Read more

Good Habits for Spring 2021

The winter blues are a very real thing, but thankfully spring is finally here to stay. The temperatures are warming up, the plants are blooming, and it’s finally time to enjoy some time in nature again. A lot of people experience sadness, anxiety, and depression in the winter months because there is less sun, less … Read more

The Beauty of Spring for our residence (Being outside, gardening, crafts, and snacks)

Spring is here, and it’s one of the most beautiful times of the year. Everything is blooming after a cold winter, and with warmer weather, it’s great to enjoy some time outdoors. Winter is a hard season for a lot of people. Spring is such a nice breath of fresh air, and there’s lots of … Read more

Heart Disease Awareness

Positive senior couple having fun on kitchen

  February is Heart Disease Awareness Month, and it’s a great time to take a moment to learn and educate yourself and your loved ones on the signs and preventatives of heart disease. Heart disease is a major threat to seniors, and in fact is the leading cause of death for men and women in … Read more

Loving your friends and family in VLSL

Alone time has taken on a new meaning after the crazy year we all just experienced. Sharing moments and spaces together was no longer something we could all take part in, and a lot of us missed out on some valuable time with the people we love. While there is a definite light at the … Read more