About Us

People helping people thrive!

Our History

Vibrant Life Senior living began in 1997 and was founded on the belief that seniors can continue to enjoy a vibrant life and have a purpose despite any physical or cognitive decline. We currently have four locations: Vibrant Life Temperance, Vibrant Life Senior Living, Kalamazoo, Vibrant Life Senior Living, Durand, and Vibrant Life Senior Living Superior Township.

Our Mission

Vibrant Life Senior Living’s mission and core principles emphasize respect, care, and empowering each person to live a fulfilling life through meaningful relationships and continued access to the stimulating activities that make life worth living.

What Makes Us Different

Vibrant Life Senior Living sets itself apart from other assisted living communities by creating personalized plans that emphasize healthy living. We focus on healthy lifestyles, building meaningful relationships, and providing activities and experiences that people who live in Vibrant Life have always loved to do.

Communicating with individuals and families about their strengths, history, interests, medical history, and the activities they’ve enjoyed taking part in throughout their lives forms the foundation of Vibrant Life Care. We use this to create “Her-Stories” or “His-Stories.” These are comprehensive histories for each person. They give us a clear picture of the engaging environment in which each person would thrive.

Our passionate CareFriends are trained to provide loving, quality care while helping residents create, maintain, and enhance personal relationships. Our residents stay active, safe, and healthy through daily movement programs, physical therapy, and a healthy diet that blends comfort foods with nutrition. Specialized diets for those who require low-salt, low-sugar, or any other dietary need are available.

By providing a foundation for good physical, stimulating cognitive, and strong emotional and mental health, Vibrant Life helps residents continue to live their own vibrant life!

If you would like to learn more about Vibrant Life and how it sets itself apart or how we could provide for your loved one, please contact us now for your own personalized appointment!

We encourage the people who live with us to be active and engaged