Senior Living Community in Ann Arbor, Michigan

It can be hard not only for family members to have to find senior assisted living arrangements for their loved ones but the individual themselves as well. Moving to a new location where you don’t know anyone can be stressful. Adding in the new environment can be even more overwhelming.

For that reason, Vibrant Life offers senior living in Ann Arbor that has all the comforts of home. They take all the elements that make a house a home and incorporate them for the residents who live in the facility. The staff believes that residents should thrive and not just survive, and they do everything to make that happen.

While there are other senior living communities near Ann Arbor, none compare to the standards that Vibrant Life has set. Continue reading to learn more about how the organization and staff go above and beyond when providing comforts of home to their residents. 

Beautiful Nature Landscape

The Vibrant Life Senior Living center in Superior township is nestled within 27 acres. Not only does this provide an incredible backdrop, but also a sense of serenity, privacy, and quiet for the residents. 

To enjoy the property to the fullest extent, the staff of the Ann Arbor campus has created walking paths for residents and a fenced-in courtyard. These amenities allow them to safely experience nature as they desire.

Self-Care Amenities

Just because your loved one resides in an assisted living facility doesn’t mean that life can’t continue as usual! Our style of senior living in Ann Arbor includes not only the nature components listed above but also a chapel, spa, and beauty salon!

The activities that your loved one enjoys doing for their personal self-care needs can continue as planned on our Superior township campus. Taking in a church service or getting a spa treatment or salon service with friends can create long-lasting friendships and can help with the transition process.


One of the greatest perks to our Ann Arbor assisted living facility is the access to many different forms of entertainment. Residents who stay on campus will have the ability to take in a movie, visit our library for a new read, talk with family members in our computer room. 

You may find that your loved one has a better social life than you do when they stay with us at Vibrant Life Senior Living in Ann Arbor. Our staff works continuously to incorporate new activities and events for our residents so that they can thrive instead of just survive when living with assistance.

In Summary

While there are many senior living communities near Ann Arbor, many don’t compare to the Superior township campus of Vibrant Life Senior Living. With a community of dedicated staff members who have their residents’ best interests at heart, you can have peace of mind that your loved one is cared for in a loving and thriving way. 

Are you interested in learning more about the facility and the amenities we provide for those who reside here? Check out our About Us page on our website and reach out for a tour today.