Senior Living Community in Durand, Michigan

One of the biggest concerns caregivers have when getting ready to place their loved ones in an assisted living arrangement is their quality of life. Additionally, family members want to know that the transition to senior living will go well. 

While there are many senior living communities near Durand, Michigan, our facility at Vibrant Life offers a home away from home for your loved one. Affectionately known as The Lodge of Durand, MI, our campus offers one and two-bedroom apartments complete with kitchens. Having this function allows for a bit of normalcy during the transition.

Our goal with senior living in Durand is to have our residents be able to thrive instead of just survive. To make this goal a reality, we implement the amenities below to provide some of the comforts of home.

Beautiful Landscape

One of the most enjoyed areas of campus is the large sunroom that overlooks our extraordinary property. You will often find groups of residents relaxing and taking in the views while socializing with one another. This space is a great way to take in the beauty of the nature surrounding us without being exposed to the elements that Durand, MI weather brings.

While the arrangement is called assisted living, we refer to it as “living with assistance.” Our residents have the ability to live as they see fit and participate in what they desire, with our staff being available to help when needed.

Relationship Building

Our senior living in Durand has a variety of activities to fit all interest levels. Between book clubs, baking clubs, movie clubs, and walking clubs, groups of residents with similar hobbies can come together and create beautiful friendships through conversation and activity.

In addition to the many clubs offered, there are also daily activities that take place for those in the facility. Residents can enjoy a round of bingo, card games, crafts, or even visits from pets! All of these activities bring a great deal of joy to those who stay at Vibrant Life.

Self-Care Amenities

One of the most critical factors to ensure a smooth transition is the availability of self-care amenities. Our senior living facility comes with many perks for residents, including an on-site salon, exercise programs, and private patios with every apartment.

Having the ability to care for yourself as you previously did gives a sense of pride and autonomy to those entering assisted living. The amenities we offer will allow for a high-quality level of living and bring the mentality of thriving instead of surviving for those we care for in our facility.

In Summary

While there are many senior living communities near Durand, Michigan, to choose from, not all of them provide the high standard of care that we do at Vibrant Life Senior Living. While assisted living can come with a certain level of anxiety due to the transition process, we provide all of the necessary elements that help your loved one experience all the comforts of home.

If you are looking for senior living in Durand, we encourage you to check out our About us page on our website and schedule a tour. We look forward to hearing from you!