Affordable Assisted Living In Michigan

If you or your loved one require memory care or assisted living, one of the biggest concerns can revolve around finding a quality and affordable assisted living option that isn’t far from family and friends. It is essential to a person’s quality of life to be around those who love them, and at Vibrant Life Senior Living, we understand that.

To best accommodate this need, we have four separate locations throughout Michigan. These sites allow our residents to be within driving distance to those they care about most without compromising their quality of care. 

Where are our locations? Continue reading to find out, as well as what services they all offer.

Superior Township

Our location in Superior township is near Ann Arbor, which serves as a hub for many cities and towns in central Michigan. At this location, we have several walking paths for residents to enjoy during their stay. We also have a spa, movie theater, and coffee shops to provide self-care and entertainment.

We also have in-house doctor visits, on-site counseling, and a rehab facility at our Superior Township location. These services minimize external office visits for our residents.

The Lodge of Durand

Our affordable assisted living facility in Durand is located between Flint and Saginaw, with a convenient site right off of I-69. Some of the most popular amenities are our on-site beauty salon, room service, weekly housekeeping, and our many social clubs.

The Lodge of Durand also offers Memory Care services and physical therapy. These benefits allow caretakers to meet the needs of residents with varying stages of dementia.


At our Southwest Michigan location, Kalamazoo has easy accessibility to Battle Creek, Three Rivers, Plainwell, Paw Paw, and Grand Rapids, just to name a few. Your loved one will enjoy our in-lodge cafes, individual suites, family gatherings, and tailored events calendar at Kalamazoo.

Our Kalamazoo location in Kalamazoo Michigan has three different levels of Memory Care for residents as well as transitional services to make a move as seamless as possible.


In the southeasternmost corner of the state is our Temperance location. Nestled within five acres of wooded property, we are central not only to Lambertville and Monroe but also to Toledo, Ohio. Like the Lodge of Durand, Temperance also houses a beauty salon, as well as daily exercise programs, a large courtyard complete with a waterfall, and room service.

Our Temperance location also offers Memory Care for its residents, which provides a higher level of supervision and care tailored to the needs of the individual.

In Summary

Finding a high-quality, affordable assisted living center in Michigan shouldn’t be a challenge for those who need it. At Vibrant Life Senior Living, we not only provide the necessary care, but we do it in locations spread out across the state. 

It is vital that our residents maintain relationships with family and friends, and having locations that are easily accessible helps to make this a reality. Call or visit us at our Superior Township location near Ann Arbor, at The Lodge of Durand, at our New Friends, Kalamazoo location, or at the Temperance site today!