5 Fun Activities For Dementia Patients

When a loved one is struggling with dementia, it is essential to find opportunities to keep them engaged and fulfilled during the day. Having a disease that takes so much from you can leave dementia patients in a depressive state. Ensuring that there are appropriate activities to fill their time can help to combat that issue.

This article lists five activities for dementia patients that help them feel involved and encouraged throughout their days. From music to crafts to exercising, many options can bring your loved one joy.  


Many individuals who have dementia enjoy participating in song and instrument playing. In addition, music has a healing component that can increase mental health in both those who participate and listen.


Although you do need to consider a resident’s skill level when planning out appropriate crafts to do together, many with dementia look forward to creating art with various supplies. Whether coloring, decorating holiday cookies or making bracelets, crafting and creating are often highly anticipated and enjoyed.


The simplicity behind the game of bingo lends itself well to those with dementia. Matching the called-out number with a space on a card is easy enough for most residents to participate in, and the mental engagement and excitement that comes with a win make it a fun time for all. Many residents look forward to bingo and the socialization that comes with it.


Piping in some fun music and getting a dance party started is a great activity to take part in with dementia patients. When it comes to dancing, it doesn’t matter their ability or whether they are in a wheelchair or can move freely. Dancing takes on a range of styles, and the movement and joy that come with upbeat tunes can positively boost a person’s emotions.


Like dancing, exercise doesn’t have to be in just one style. For many dementia patients, chair exercises are the best option. Many people can build up the strength in their arms or legs and even their core from a sitting position. Taking part in exercise can increase mental health and physical ability, even when low impact.

In Summary

Finding activities for dementia patients is critical to maintaining appropriate levels of engagement, encouragement, and mental health. While many cannot perform certain tasks that they once could, there are still many others that they can take part in to add meaning to their days.

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