The Importance of Exercise for Seniors With Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease

We all know that exercise benefits our body, mind, and spirit. Yet, as we age, we tend to let that healthy life activity fall to the wayside. However, exercising as we age is just as important as any other stage in life, regardless of whether you are in senior care, assisted living, or independent housing.

If you or a loved one are looking for senior exercise ideas or wondering how movement can be beneficial to those with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, or residing in memory care, keep reading below to learn more about the perks. 

Stress Reduction

For individuals experiencing significant changes in their mental state, much like those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, a fair amount of stress comes into play. Having your cognitive ability slowly decrease can lead to frequent periods of stress.

A great way to combat stress is through physical activity. One of the top senior exercise ideas is to take a stroll outside in nature. Being in a new environment and elevating the heart rate can increase the emotional and mental state, especially for those in memory care or assisted living. If an individual is a wheelchair user, lifting small weights can have a similar effect.

Increase in Productivity

For those who routinely engage in physical exercise, the output of productive behavior increases. For those who have Parkinson’s disease or reside in senior care, having more productive days than not can mean a great deal for dealing with a diagnosis or aging. 

While you will often see mental capabilities declining in these situations, senior exercise can combat those symptoms and even slow them at times. Keeping the mind sharp with learning new skills and engaging in conversation can be more of a reality when an individual has a higher productivity rate. Physical movement can increase the likelihood of such.

Encourages Socialization

For many who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s, it can be natural to want to retreat into your own world and shut everyone out. The fear of what is to come can be crippling. One of the best senior exercise ideas is to take a group fitness class, which many assisted living facilities provide to residents.

In this environment, participants can come together and engage in activities together. Being in the company of those in similar circumstances and having the support of those with the same diagnoses and situations can comfort those still coming to terms with their new reality. 


While we all know that exercise has a plethora of benefits for all individuals, we often don’t make it a priority for ourselves as we age. However, it is vital to continue incorporating it into your daily routines no matter your age or health circumstances. Physical exercise can decrease stress, increase productivity, and boost socialization, all of which are important in the later stages of life.
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