5 Fun Spring Activities For Seniors

A lot of us take outdoor Spring activities for granted. We have the ability to enjoy them whenever our heart desires. But when it comes to activities for seniors, options are a bit more limited. Whether due to mobility issues or dexterity problems, finding opportunities to enjoy the season can be difficult.

However, that doesn’t mean it is impossible. For those in a senior living facility, there are many indoor and outdoor activities for seniors to participate in daily. Below we outline some of the most popular options.

Get Outside And Enjoy Nature

While this activity will be dependent on the weather, getting outside and enjoying nature is quite enjoyable for those in a senior living facility in Michigan. Taking a stroll down a paved nature trail or sidewalk will allow them to experience the crisp, fresh air that Spring is known for. 

What’s more, the Vitamin D that comes from the sun can be both a mood and immune system boost. During your stroll, help them look for any new flowers starting to bloom and the different species of birds flying around.

Decorate With A Spring Or Easter Theme

To keep the spirit of Spring alive, consider helping your loved one decorate in a season or holiday-specific motif. The bright colors of Spring and Easter decorations can liven up a room. Additionally, placing outdoor decorations just outside their window can bring another level of enjoyment.

Another great idea is to create new decorations together. With simple materials like construction paper, markers, glitter, and glue, you can spruce a place up in no time!

Create An Indoor Garden

As is the case with many homes and senior living facilities in Michigan, starting your desired garden plants indoors is necessary before moving them outside. Due to the weather conditions of the mitten state, frequent bouts of frost happen in the spring that can damper the growth of any plants outside.

However, nothing gets people more excited for warmer weather than starting their gardens and seeds indoors! Putting together a small indoor garden and placing it near the window will remind everyone of the warm weather to come. And when it does, you can move the plants to the outdoors to allow them to develop fully!

Spring Tea Party

As the days get warmer, nobody wants to stop the outdoor activities for anything – including meals! Take advantage of the excellent weather and host a tea party or picnic on the senior living facility grounds. This is one of the most popular spring activities, as everyone can spend time in the sunshine with friends and enjoy the weather and a change of scenery.

To add a bit of entertainment, hang up a bird feeder just outside of the chosen picnic area. Not only can guests enjoy their meal and camaraderie, but they can birdwatch the different types.

In Summary

Spring is a time that everyone looks forward to, especially after the long Michigan winters. While it’s not always possible for seniors to be outdoors, there are plenty of indoor activities for seniors to enjoy that have a spring focus.

Are you interested in learning more about the activities offered at our Vibrant Life Senior Living centers? Visit our website or contact us, and we will be happy to tell you everything we offer to our residents and families.