Meet 3 Members of the Tic-Toc Choir

With the World Premier of our very own Tic-Toc Choir just around the corner, we thought it would be nice to catch up with a few of the performers and get to know them a bit better.

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Reminder: New Friends Memory Care has created an innovative “memory care choir” consisting of its residents with memory care issues, called the New Friends Memory Care, “Tic-Toc” Choir and is receiving national attention. Their showcase video is titled, “Don’t Define Me, Just Remind Me.”

Meet Some Stars of the Tic-Toc Choir

Meet Sandy

Sandy was a delight to interview with lively talk about her involvement in the choir, her love of music, and life as a young woman.

“Dean is a great man and his personality is so sweet. It’s because of him that we (the choir) want to do a good job. He is interested in all of us, which is so important.”

Sandy’s love for the choir is evident whenever she talks about it. She became quite animated when talking about her younger years. Sandy has lived in Michigan her entire life. She grew up near Kalamazoo as the youngest of four girls. Her father left the family when she was just four years old. Sandy’s mother worked hard raising her daughters and teaching them to work hard too. Sandy helped her sister with her paper route, later worked in an ice cream parlor, and eventually started a 30 year career at UpJohns.

Sandy sang in her church choir and loves traditional hymns along with many types of music. Country is one of her favorite genres.

When asked if she had any words of wisdom for younger generations, Sandy said, “Get along and have a good time. Do something you enjoy.”

Tic-Toc Choir

Meet Katie

Katie loves all kinds of music and is an expert at animal impressions. She enjoys the Tic-Toc Choir and singing with her friends.

She spent her career as a nurse and has one son, one daughter, and grandchildren. When asked about her favorite food, Katie had a hard time narrowing it down but admitted she prefers salty over sweet.

At Vibrant Life, Katie also enjoys arts and crafts and her favorite spot is sitting in the dining area with friends and keeping an eye on what is going on outside.

Tic-Toc Choir

Meet Linda

Linda has fond memories of producing the music video and also enjoys being in the choir. Her favorite Christmas carol is, “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas.” With a gleam in her eye, she admitted her favorite type of music is Rock n’ Roll. The more toe tapping, the better!

Linda is very proud of her sons, one of which is a police officer in Battle Creek and the other lives in Florida and is the father to her granddaughter Gabby. Her favorite hobby is light gardening where she can spend time outside in nice weather.

Words of wisdom: “Roll with the punches!”


Find Out More

Stay tuned for more information about this wonderful and popular choir. Please join us at our world premier featuring the video, “Don’t Define Me, Just Remind Me” and a performance from the choir. You don’t want to miss it.


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