Loving your friends and family in VLSL

Alone time has taken on a new meaning after the crazy year we all just experienced. Sharing moments and spaces together was no longer something we could all take part in, and a lot of us missed out on some valuable time with the people we love. While there is a definite light at the end of the tunnel, right now we’re still all missing our friends and family. Showing the people in your life that you care is harder now than ever, and it requires a bit more creativity, but it isn’t impossible! Vibrant Life Senior Living wants you to know your loved one is being cared for to the best of your abilities, but there are some ways you can show them some love, especially as Valentine’s Day approaches!

We know you can’t stop by and give the gift of quality time, but here are so many nice ways you can send some love this Valentine’s Day to a person you care about.

Send them a handwritten note. The art of letter writing doesn’t have to be dead! Isn’t it so exciting to get mail that isn’t bills or garbage? Sending a handwritten letter is thoughtful and something you can hold on to forever! If you don’t want to write a full letter, a pretty card will work too.

Send a treat. There are lots of options with this one. Some popular valentines treats are flowers, chocolate, or cards, but there are also edible bouquets, cakes, or gift baskets! Whatever you think your loved one will enjoy will be sure to put a smile on their face.

Send them something comforting. Comfort is not something we took advantage of last year. Things like a cozy sweater, a blanket, or a stuffed animal can be great gifts to give someone in a Senior Living environment. You’re never too old for something cozy!

Connecting with others is such an important part of life, and if this past year has taught us anything, it’s to never take advantage of the time we have with our loved ones. No gesture is ever too small, and being thought of is truly the best gift.