Healthy eating, exercise, and a positive attitude in 2021!

A new year is a perfect time to create new goals, set resolutions, and check-in with yourself. A lot of people start the new year with a desire to work on their physical and mental health and while these should always be goals to keep in mind, the new year is a great time to set the tone for the upcoming year.

Taking care of your body is incredible not only for you to look better but more importantly to feel better. Physical exercise has a multitude of benefits for your body, like improving energy, heart and lung efficiency, and reducing your chances of developing heart disease. We all want to be around for as long as possible and moving your body is a great way to help that happen. Exercise doesn’t have to be a huge, strenuous activity either. Simpler things like going for a walk, doing a gentle yoga flow, or stretching are great ways to engage your muscles and make your body feel good for the day.

Physical health is incredibly important when it comes to keeping yourself in tip-top shape but having a positive attitude and eating right also make a huge difference in your overall wellbeing. Having a positive outlook on life can be challenging at times, especially when life gets hard, but speaking to yourself and others in a positive way will make you and others feel good. To go hand in hand with a positive attitude is consuming food that makes your body feel good. Food not only gives your fuel to get through the day but it is important to make sure you’re sustaining yourself with enough nutrients, especially during the season when there are a lot of illnesses. Foods like bell peppers, broccoli, chickpeas, strawberries, garlic, mushrooms, spinach, and yogurt are not only yummy and versatile but also really incredible boosts for your immune system! But of course, balance is always important, and indulging in your favorites like pizza or sweets is important for your well-being too.

Keeping yourself feeling your best will help you feel better longer and inspire the people around you to do the same. Taking care of you and the ones around you is so important and thankfully there’s a never-ending list of ways to do just that. So, find the wellness activities that feel best for you and use this new year to get started.