When Home Care Isn’t Enough

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Leaving your family home is hard, but sometimes home care is not enough. Worsening health issues or memory loss make the need for 24/7 care more important. They are a clear signal that it is the time to transition to senior living. Vibrant Life Superior makes that transition easy.

Quality Care in a Family-Oriented Environment

Conveniently located in Superior Township with easy access to greater Washtenaw County, Vibrant Life Superior offers a family-oriented environment to seniors requiring all levels of care that feels like home. Our assisted living and memory care lodges are clean, comfortable, and provide daily activities to keep residents engaged, including dance, music, and other live performances.
Quality care is provided discretely in the background and tailored to the personality and medical needs of each person, with an emphasis on maintaining as much independence as possible.

Make the Transition

Our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about transitioning to assisted living or memory care, including short-term programs that can supplement your existing home care. Use the interest form to contact us for more information, give us a call, or visit us in person for a tour.

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