Good Habits for Spring 2021

The winter blues are a very real thing, but thankfully spring is finally here to stay. The temperatures are warming up, the plants are blooming, and it’s finally time to enjoy some time in nature again. A lot of people experience sadness, anxiety, and depression in the winter months because there is less sun, less time outside, and generally a bit less activity, especially after the year we’ve all experienced. One thing you can always count on during a bad day is stepping outside for a moment and taking a deep breath of fresh air. 

There are lots of ways to enjoy the springtime, but in case you’re in a rut and need some ideas, we’ve got you!

Taking your exercise outside. Being able to work out at home can be really great but sometimes it isn’t as motivating as you need to be. By taking your movement outside, you are giving yourself more space, and also get to enjoy some fresh air. You could also try something new for you exercise like biking, running, or going for a walk in a new place. 

Opening the windows. The air inside gets pretty stuffy during the winter, so when the weather gets warm, pop those windows open. It’s nice to be able to feel the breeze through your home, enjoy some fresh air, and listen to all the sounds nature has to offer. 

Organizing your living space. Spring is a very motivating season and a great time to start new habits. Organizing your home will give you peace of mind, and will create a less stressful environment. Having clutter around is stressful, and spring is a great time for renewal. 

Gardening. Lots of different kinds of plants bloom in the spring, it’s one of the most beautiful parts about it. New flowers, the trees become green again, and the grass is a little more vibrant. Since the weather is warmer, it’s a good time to plant new things or start a garden if you don’t have one already. It’s a great stress reliever and watching things you have planted glow is incredibly rewarding. 

Getting out of the winter rut can be hard, and we understand that. If you’re having a hard time breaking into spring, call a friend and do it together. We’re all adjusting all the time, so be patient with yourself and don’t forget to give yourself some time to enjoy being outside, sometimes it really is just that simple.