Vibrant Care: How We’re Different

At Vibrant Life, we passionately believe people can have a sense of purpose and lead fulfilling, vibrant lives, despite cognitive or physical limitations, and strive to provide the highest quality of life to the people who live in our communities, work in our communities and their families which support them.

Vibrant Life Core Principles

About All of Us
Principals 1-5
1. Help each person who lives with us lead a fulfilling and meaningful life with a sense of purpose, with the personal care they may need professionally provided in the background.
2. Create normality by having our communities emulate the reality of everyday living through relationships, activity, and the physical environment around us.
3. To empower and respect all our CareFriends (staff) — understanding this is not just a job but a career and a passion. We realize that a part of work is to grow and learn, and VLC will do all we can to help our Carefriends move forward in their career and personal goals.
4. To respect and empower families to continue to be caregivers, deepen their relationships with their loved ones, and give back to our Vibrant Life community by sharing their passions and interests with all our residents. Sharing one’s passion helps us all stay Vibrant.
5. Communicate respectfully and clearly to each other, understanding that great communication is one of the primary keys to reaching our goals.

About the People Who Live With Us

Principals 6-12
6. Help each person who lives with us maintain and enhance meaningful relationships with family, residents, CareFriends, and the outside community, with intergenerational relationships the norm.
7. Help each person who lives with us enjoy stimulating activity which is important to them, with activities they have been passionate about at any or all stages of their lives. We are passionate about enriching people’s lives with culture – through the arts and nature.
8. Care for and help the people who live with us to care for their bodies with the highest quality, in the most respectful and dignified manner possible.
9. Care about the mind and spirit of each person as much as their body. We strive to help people understand their aging process – mentally, physically, emotionally, and for those inclined spiritually.
10. Help people move and improve their bodies when possible through exercise, dance, and therapies, understanding the importance of caring for and nurturing the body.
11. Provide delicious and nutritious food, making the dining experience as pleasurable as possible, using food as an opportunity for connection while being aware of the importance of nutrition in achieving vibrancy.
12. Use technology to increase connection with people, Carefriend’s time with people, and help maximize each person’s independence.

About Our Organization

Principals 13-15
13. Create beauty in the physical environment of our buildings for the people who live with us, where our Carefriends work, and where families and the community visit.
14. To provide the resources to meet the needs of our people and mission and to use those resources wisely, enabling our shareholders to make a reasonable profit from their investment.
15. Have each of our Communities be an integral part of the local community, sharing our human and physical resources with the world around us, as they share themselves with us.