Vibrant Life’s Music Program

Our music program at Vibrant Life is unique and very special to us.

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” ― Billy Joel

Music therapy is used throughout the assisted living and memory care industry and we use it here every day. The use of music to combat dementia is gaining a lot of research attention and is proving to be extremely effective in helping with this difficult disease.

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It is really helpful to have the science and data behind music therapy programs, but we don’t need all that to know that music heals. Music makes people happy. Music gets people moving. Music connects people.

So, why do we think our music program is so special?

Our Joyous Music Leader

For starters, it is managed by Dean Solden, one of our owners. Dean is extremely qualified in this area as he is a musician himself and has had an exciting life that has involved music in so many ways. To find out more about Dean’s musical journey check out The Spirit of Caring Documentary about the Tic-Toc Choir.

“Dean is a great guy and his personality is so sweet. It’s because of him that we (the choir) want to do a good job. He is interested in all of us, which is so important.” – Sandy, Tic-Toc Choir Member and Vibrant Life Resident

music therapy program

The Tic-Toc Choir

Second, the formation of the Tic-Toc choir has been a joy for everyone involved. Dean, the Vibrant Life staff, the members of the choir, their families, and everyone who has the opportunity to hear them. The choir meets regularly to practice vocal exercises, sing favorite songs and hymns, and to move and groove to the beat.  An added bonus – the choir gets some exercise in when they are dancing to their up-tempo tunes.  Especially to Don’t Define Me, Just Remind Me, the music video the Tic-Toc choir created.  (See below). 

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We created a music video with this amazing choir (see and promoted it with a World Premiere Red Carpet Gala. That was quite the event and even included local officials and special guests. Of course, the real stars where the members of the choir. Their performance was one for the books!

Dont Define Me Just Remind Me Cover Art copy

Other Music Programs – Vibrant Life Superior

Vibrant Life Senior Living, Superior Township (outside of Canton and Ann Arbor) also have a special music program.  Co-Owner Dean Solden and Resident and former Canadian opera singer and music professor John King lead an enthusiastic group every Tuesday with a variety of musical experiences.

“Some days we doing drumming circles, with everyone having a percussion instrument, some days we chant, i.e. Gregorian chants, and some days we play rock and roll on the synthesizer.  Other days we sing as a choir.  It’s really great fun.  John is a tremendous musician.  I love hearing him jam on the guitar!”, says Solden.

Call us at (734) 484-4740 if you ever want to hear the choir or “sit-in” and join us on Tuesdays – usually at 2 pm.

Music Every Day

Third, when we aren’t creating viral music videos and throwing grand gala events, we are using music every day at all of our locations.

Here is a glimpse of how we integrate music into our culture and our vibrant lives:

  • Vibrant Life Superior and New Friends Memory Care locations have our own choirs!
  • We listen to music every day!
  • We have interactive listening sessions – talking about the music we listen to.  It brings back great memories.
  • We have live musical performers almost every week in every community.
  • We have professional music therapists come into some of our communities.
  • At Vibrant Life Superior, we have drum circles, percussion circles, chanting, singing, and even play some Rock and Roll!
  • We have students come in and play music.
  • We have family members come in and play music.

Vibrant Life and Music – the world isn’t vibrant without music!

Want to Know More About our Music Program?

If you or someone you love is experiencing memory loss issues we’d love to talk with you about our music program. Vibrant Life has four locations throughout Michigan with care ranging from assisted living to memory care services. Music is central to the culture and well-being of our staff and our residents.

To learn more please call us (734)913-0000 or send us a note here:

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