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The Vibrant Life Senior Living care team provides compassionate care and 24-hour supervision in a comfortable environment that feels like home. Our memory care/dementia program has three different levels, from early-stage memory support to middle and later stage memory support, so each person will be living with people most similar to them. All of our Carefriends are specially trained to not only provide the highest quality of care but to do so in a respectful, dignified and loving way. Our personalized care plans encompass everything from assistance with everyday activities like grooming and dining to programming that encourages hobbies and relationship building.


Personal Care and Grooming

Personal care and bathing can be a sensitive and stressful matter for some with dementia or related diseases. With bathing and personal grooming, we dedicate ourselves to stepping back and taking the time each person needs to comfortably bathe, dress and have good personal hygiene. We promote each individual’s ability to complete the task as much as they can while we assist.


We also provide nutritious dining options and assistance. Our dining hall is where we gather together to share stories with family, friends, and staff. We help in the dining when necessary. We provide company for them and also feed those individuals who are unable to feed themselves.


Activities and Relationship Building

We want the people who live in Vibrant Life to continue to enjoy hobbies, and interests, even “work” and have a sense of purpose despite any physical or cognitive decline. We encourage residents to still participate in activities they love with our Levels of Vibrant Engagement (LOVE) program. With this program, we encourage residents to interact and connect with family, friends, our care staff, and other residents about shared interests. We also promote the transformation of ideas and feelings in the creative arts. We believe that participating in activities people have always loved to do help people feel alive and vibrant.

Transitional Support

The change could be challenging. Vibrant Life Senior Living offers daily and evening respite programs and transitional support care for those that are having a difficult time coping with their new surroundings.

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