Limited Visitation Now Allowed at Assisted Living Communities

On June 30th, 2020, the Director of Health and Human Services, Robert Gordon, gave an Emergency Order MCL 333.2253 to all long-term care communities.   Click HERE to read the order.

With this post we hope to clarify, as much as possible, when limited visitation may occur at any of our four Vibrant Life communities. 

The State is SLOWLY opening up visitation to people in long term care communities.  They are trying to be extremely careful, as we all know the people in long term care communities are the MOST vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus.  

We at Vibrant Life will be adhering to the Emergency Order.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Vibrant Life Senior Living’s priority is to help you the families, as well as the people who live at Vibrant Life, and the people who work at Vibrant Life communities,  be safe, secure, and keep living life as best as possible during these extremely difficult times.  

Summary of Emergency Order of June 30, 2020

Effective Immediately

  • The overall goal of the Emergency Order is to allow, but LIMIT visitation, as the Covid-19 virus continues to spread throughout the nation.  While Michigan numbers are down, in the last few weeks they have slowly started growing again. 
  • All Visits and visitors must be SCHEDULED in advance, and the Senior Community will have the right to set the guidelines of those visits in a reasonable manner. 
  • Vibrant Life is going to have LIMITED visitation.  In order to adhere to the Emergency Order, we must have enough staff, have the proper PPE, appropriate sanitation, and appropriately be able to continue to care for the residents as directed by our licensing.   
  • We are going to ask families to visit OUTSIDE as much as possible, weather permitting.   The more outside visits we have, the more visitors we can have.
  • Most indoor visits will be limited to those on Hospice or have conditions considered Critical or Serious by the Administrator and the Director of Resident Care Services. 
  • Outdoor visits will be scheduled for those that deem it vitally important for the well-being of the resident. 

In summary, with more detail below, there can be no more than 2 visitors at one time. Visits will be limited to 30-45 minutes. All visitors will be required to wear masks, stay 6 feet or more apart, and NOT be or have any symptoms of sickness.  All visitors will be required to fill out a questionnaire and have their temperature taken.  

The Emergency Order limits visitation to the following two situations:

(No. 5 in the Order). 

    • Those who are on Hospice Care
    • Those who are in a critical condition
    • Those who have a “serious” condition
    • Those who have had a serious “change in condition”

Previous Help with ADL’s (No. 2 in the Order).

The Order also allows visitation for those that, before March 14th, routinely would visit to assist those who needed help with ADL’s.   As Vibrant Life performs all the personal care for residents, this provision will apply to very few persons.  Therefore, visitors will be allowed under this provision on a very limited basis due to Vibrant Life’s understanding of the intent of the Emergency Order to limit visitors inside the building, and in order to protect the safety all residents, staff and families. Outside visits, weather permitting, will be suggested in most cases. 

If you fall into any of these categories, please contact us, as we start arranging limited visitation.  

There are conditions of visitation, based on the Emergency Order. We will summarize them below.  However, please read the entire order to gain a better understanding of the order and our policies in enacting the order.  

Conditions of Limited Visitation

All Family or Friends who would like a visit and fit the criteria above MUST adhere to or undergo the following: 

  1. All Visitation by appointment only. 
  2. All visitors will be required to fill out a questionnaire describing any travel, or proximity to anyone with Covid-19 or symptoms of Covid-19. 
  3. All visitors will have temperature taken and cannot be over 100 degrees F. 
  4. All visitors cannot be sick or show any signs of sickness. 
  5. All visitors must wear a mask. 
  6. All visitors must socially distance, staying at least six feet apart from EVERYONE. (excluding those who are helping a resident with ADL’s).
  7. All visitors must adhere to the facility handwashing and sanitizing protocol. 
  8. All visitors must be respectful to the staff, Administration and residents. 
  9. All visitors will visit only either outside in a designated area, in the resident’s room, or in another designated area. 
  10. All visitors must enter and exit from the designated entry and exit points. 
  11. All visitors should limit their interactions to their own relative or loved one. 
  12. All visitors should not share food with residents. 
  13. All visitors must let the facility know if they have had Covid-19 or symptoms similar to Covid-19 within the last 14 days. 
  14. Visitors will not be allowed to visit individuals who are: In a Covid-19 positive unit; are in isolation; are in Observation for Covid-19. 
  15. There will be a strict policy of NO TOUCHING OR HUGGING RESIDENTS.  (Sorry!) 

If a family member or guest violates these provisions, they will be given one warning.  If they violate them a second time, visitation rights will be terminated.  

                                             These guidelines will be strictly enforced for the safety of everyone. 

These provisions may be changed or updated depending on new Government guidelines or the facility’s ability to provide the appropriate care for individuals while allowing limited visitation. 


Thank you in advance for your support of these visitation rights and practices.  We are doing our best to accommodate everyone – the government, our families, and of course our residents and staff. We care deeply for all of you and will get through this together. 

Your Vibrant Life Senior Living Family