Gardening Tips for Spring 2021


Spring is here and summer isn’t too far behind, which means it’s time to give some love to those gardens. Through the colder months, our gardens go through a lot, but giving them some extra love and planting new life will make them look good as new. Gardening is a great, low-intensity way to get outside, enjoy the sun, and move your body while adding some beautiful color to your outside space. We’ve got some tips for you this spring to give your garden the best care.

  1. Clean up flower beds. Having too much debris and dead leaves can make it hard for new things to grow. Clearing out that winter layer will create more space for a new life, as well as make your garden look more clean and healthy. Adding a nice layer of mulch makes your garden look fresh and if you do it before weeds have a chance to grow, you’ll have little to none when summer comes around.
  2. Prune trees and shrubs. Pruning your summer-blooming trees and shrubs is important for their growth and it also makes your tree look more healthy. Pruning your plants also encourages them to grow in certain directions which is good for the overall structural integrity of your tree. This leads to fewer broken branches, more blooms, and a healthier plant!
  3. Plant container-grown plants. Container-grown plants are great because they are known for having fewer problems with disease than plants grown in the soil, not to mention saving you some space. The best time to do this is during the growing season before the high temperatures in mid-summer, and make sure you water them before and after you plant them!
  4. There is nothing wrong with helping your garden grow by giving a little assistance. Adding fertilizer helps replace nutrients your plants might be missing from your soil, but be careful not to add too much, because plants only use what they need from the extra nutrients they get.

Looking at a fresh garden and seeing something that you’ve planted grow, it a great and rewarding feeling. Gardening lowers stress, gets you outside, and reduces your carbon footprint. Even if it’s something small, giving yourself something beautiful to be proud of will make the spring even better!