Assisted Living and Covid-19: How We are Caring for People

Assisted Living and Covid-19

What We Are Doing to keep you Safe, Healthy, and Vibrant During Covid-19

At Vibrant Life Senior Living, we take our responsibility to keep people safe very seriously –  and that includes all the people in our communities –  those who live there, work there and their families.  We also know that at the same time, we need to keep caring for the people who live at Vibrant Life and help them to continue enjoying life as best as possible. 

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, Vibrant Life has been at the forefront of executing safety measures. This has allowed us to keep our positive cases very low. We have provided more testing for our staff and residents than most. Vibrant Life has been featured in the news recently regarding our efforts. 1,500 tested for coronavirus at Kalamazoo County nursing homes in a single day

Below are just some of things that we have done to keep people vibrant and safe  during this Covid-19 crisis:  (note: the items listed below are used in different Vibrant Life Communities. Not all items are done in all communities.  These items are as June 1, 2020 and are applicable for the current mandates as given by the Governor in her Executive Orders.  As those orders change, there will be the appropriate changes to our protocol). 

How We Care For People during Covid-19

  • We have a Covid-19 Infection Committee that meets weeklyAssisted Living and Covid-19. Test vial for Covid-19
  • We have a conference call with all the communities weekly
  • We employ Empathy, Patience, Resilience and Teamwork
  • We have special Covid-19 units if someone has been tested positive
  • We use PPE equipment if there is a positive Covid resident or in our Covid-19 positive unit
  • We practice Social Distancing
  • We wash our hands constantly
  • We monitor residents and staff daily for Covid
  • We take staff and resident temperature two times per day
  • We take residents vitals daily
  • We check-in every individual who comes to our door:
    • We take their temperature
    • They fill out an extensive questionnaire
    • They must wear a mask

How We Keep our Buildings Clean and Safe and Covid-19 free

  • We have increased our sanitation with daily wipe downs
  • We clean bathrooms daily
  • We use special Covid-19 cleaning agents for infection control
  • We have built our own Covid-19 units (when there is a positive tested Covid-19 person in the building)
  • We do not allow staff to go building to building if there are any residents who have tested positive in the last 14 days. 
  • We do not allow Managers to go building to building, if there are any residents who have tested positive in the last 14 days. 
  • We have special procedures for food and supply drop-offs

How We Help People Live a Vibrant LifeAssisted Living and Covid-19 outside walks

  • We give everyone special attention
  • We focus on people having MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS
  • We help people do WHAT THEY WANT TO DO
  • We do innovative Door to Door Activities – they are in their doorway
  • We help people with individual exercising in their rooms
  • We broadcast Spiritual Services
  • We have individual art projects
  • We have outdoor one-one-one time
  • We have “distance” entertaining
  • We have on-line entertainment
  • We do Sensory activities, especially those with more severe dementia

How We Have Changed How People Dine 

  • We employ “Doorway Dining” – some people eat in their doorway so they can see others and we can see them
  • We do outdoor grilling when we the weather allows
  • We sometimes use some disposable items for safety
  • People eat separately in their rooms
  • We provide food rich in Vitamin C
  • We have lots of snacks throughout the day along with their three delicious meals

How We Hire and Appreciate People

  • We do Phone Interviews
  • We have Outdoor InterviewsAssisted Living and Covid-19 sidewalk chalk
  • We do Bus Interviews in our driveway
  • We pay “HERO” pay
  • We have 12 hour shifts when necessary
  • We love to give Gifts to our amazing Staff
  • We love to give Groceries for Staff
  • Our Managers work the floor
  • We have the same amount of shifts – but with less people who are more devoted
  • We are Using Universal Worker Approach (everyone does everything!) 
  • We have More Education for Staff

What Our Administration Does Differently

  • Regular Family Memo’s (weekly or bi-monthly) 
  • Family Zoom Meetings

    Assisted Living and Covid-19 window meeting

  • Regular Communication with Individual families
  • Managers spend more time with residents
  • We are Teaching More.  
  • We are ordering lots of PPE!

How Our Sales, Marketing and Community Outreach has Changed

  • We do Virtual Tours
  • We try and post daily on Facebook  
  • We talk to you more on the phone!  
  • We now have Zoom meetings
  • We do Virtual Assessments
  • We Support local businesses

If you have any questions at all about Assisted Living and Covid-19 and what we are doing to ensure everyone’s safety, please do not hesitate to contact any of our locations and speak directly to staff. We are taking new residents and adhere to the guidelines set forth by the health department and our own due diligence. We also offer virtual tours of any our buildings and residences.

We are also updating our site regularly with any new information about coronavirus that is urgent or helpful to our staff, families, residents, and the community in general. You can find that information here.

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