10 Relaxing Activities For Seniors

It’s safe to say that the transition to senior living facilities and just aging, in general, can come with a fair amount of stress and anxiety. Navigating new surroundings, foreign diagnoses, and the unknown of the future can significantly impact mental health.

Because of this, it is pertinent to incorporate relaxing senior activities into your loved one’s daily routine. Having these coping mechanisms to turn to can make a big difference in their stress and anxiety levels. There are many options to choose from, but the most popular in senior living programs are outlined below.


It is prevalent in senior living facilities to see yoga offered, both as physical exercise for adults and as a stress reducer. While some places may only offer this monthly or weekly, the techniques taught can be done independently, as desired.

Spending Time In The Garden

There are a wide variety of benefits associated with gardening and mental health. Focusing on specific tasks and caring for something with your hands can bring comfort and calmness. Many Michigan senior living centers include gardening in their activity plans.

Watching A Movie

As an everyday activity among all ages, putting on a movie and zoning out to the plot can help alleviate high-stress levels. You’ll often see senior activities that revolve around movies, and many of those will be a cartoon or animated films. These varieties have plots that are easier to follow, and the lighthearted nature can bring a smile and endless amounts of fun.


As a favorite pastime for many, reading a book can easily distract an individual from the other circumstances they are facing in life. If your loved one cannot read as easily as they once were, a similar effect can come from being read to instead. Introducing seniors to audiobooks can help them enjoy their favorite stories at all times, as long as the technology is easy to handle.

Listening To Soothing Music

Something as simple as listening to classical music, or nature sounds, can calm a stressed-out mind. At times, senior living programs will offer music time, complete with dancing, for those who enjoy it as an outlet. Finding the songs that were popular in their younger years can bring an excitement to the room as well, and the mood of the residents will shift upwards.


Adult coloring books weren’t created as a joke. There is value in taking the time to color a pre-made picture to your liking. The simple moves of the crayon or marker on the paper allow your brain to calm down during times of anxiety and stress. 

In Summary

While there are many senior activities to consider for relaxation, it is essential to evaluate your loved one’s skill level before incorporating a particular activity. Bringing forward items that they aren’t capable of doing will only cause further stress and anxiety.

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